Coworking and licensed infant and child care in the Washington, DC metro area.


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Monitor, clock, and coffee pot

The flexibility to come and go

Because our childcare is licensed and available 7:30 am-6 pm, you’re free to choose half-day or full-day scheduling. You can leave to go to meetings or run errands any time you like, with total freedom—and without the need to check in on your little ones unless you’re jonesing for some play time.


A space that works for you

Simply drop your child off at his or her homeroom, then head to our completely separate coworking space to get down to business. Share desk space or have your own. Use our private telephone rooms to chat with clients in peace. Make a presentation in our fully equipped conference room. Totally up to you.


Coworking Designed
with Parents in Mind

Amenities & Perks

Coffee bar featuring Compass Coffee

Shared or dedicated desks

Fully-equipped conference room

Private telephone rooms

Nursing Lounge
(to bond with your baby and chat with other moms)

Pump room
(for privacy when desired)

Infant, toddler and pre-k childcare available

Community events

Parent workshops and baby enrichment classes