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FAQ about Two Birds childcare and coworking are below. Click on a question to see the answer.
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What ages of children do you accept?

What educational philosophy does Two Birds follow?

What does a child’s day look like?

How are staff selected? Are background checks conducted?

What are the childcare ratios?

Is part-time childcare available?

What are the childcare hours?

Is Two Birds a year-round program?

Are meals provided?

What about children with food allergies and other dietary restrictions?

What items will I need to bring for my child?

How are naps handled?

Do I have to stay on-premise when my child is here?


What Makes Two Birds different from other coworking spaces for parents?

Will my child be able to see or hear me while I work? What if I want to visit my child?

What kind of desk space is available?

Is there quiet space available for phone calls?

Can I bring clients and coworkers in for in-person meetings? Is there a conference room available?

What if I need to nurse or pump?

What other amenities do you offer?

Pricing and Enrollment

What are the membership options?

What about registration or supply fees?

What if I’m late for childcare pick-up?

How are payments made?

Does Two Birds offer financial aid?

How does the childcare waitlist work?