Nine-to-five. Birth-to-five. Make room for both.

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Two Birds is unique in the coworking space because we’re a fully licensed childcare center. 

For you, that means you can work as many hours as you’d like, right here or offsite, without interruption. Feel free to leave the center at any time for meetings, errands or (shhh!)—a massage or workout. You’re also more than welcome to participate in classroom activities, but that’s not required. 

For your child, that means we adhere to local licensing regulations such as curriculum guidelines for child development, criteria for teacher qualifications, access to green space, even meal pattern requirements and nutritional standards…for starters. To us, sweating the small stuff is essential to caring for little ones.

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Reggio Emilia-inspired


Our Educational Philosophy

The Two Birds curriculum is inspired by the Reggio Emilia learning philosophy and seamlessly integrates the three pillars fundamental to child development. 

The Teacher, the Parent and the Environment 

Inspiring children’s natural curiosity about their environment and relationships guides our project-based approach, which is adaptable to your child and his or her unique needs. All members of the Two Birds teaching team are required to have backgrounds or degrees in childcare education and other state certifications, ensuring that your child meets expected developmental milestones and leaves our program well prepared for school and the future.

Sample Activity

Did your child discover the shapes and sizes of pumpkins at the patch this fall? 

Inspired by a child’s innate curiosity and excitement, our teachers build projects specific to each age group. For example, we may investigate how shape, size and weight affects how we interact with objects—and then articulate that through drawings, language, experiments, songs and more.

We also integrate enrichment programming throughout the week that celebrates family involvement, when and if it works for you. And don’t forget about our Summer Camps! (Trust us, your kids won’t.)

A Program for Every Child, Birth-to-5

Our classrooms and programming are built around four age groups to ensure your child engages in age-appropriate development activities and curriculum:

Age 1-12 months—or up to 15 depending on the child’s development

Young toddlers
12-24 months

Toddler pre-k prep
24-36 months

36-60 months

Two Birds will assign a homeroom to your child to provide a sense of safety and smaller communities, but each classroom also features shared space to foster interactions between children of different ages. This encourages children to help and be helped, to teach and to learn from one another. 

We Work Around Your Schedule

Full-Time Care: 7:30am-6pm 

Part-Time Care: available for children up to 12 months
Morning Membership: 7:30am-12pm
Afternoon Membership: 1pm-6pm